Scott Robbin

A web developer from Chicago, Illinois

Twitter Statpack

Twitter Statpack is an enhancement for which helps further explain how someone is related to you. It compares the people you follow to the followers/following of a another profile, and shows you where they intersect.

Note: You must use Firefox, and have Mozilla Labs Jetpack installed, in order to use Twitter Statpack.

What's Jetpack, you say? It's a project that enables anyone who knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create powerful Firefox add-ons. Learn more about Jetpack.

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Current Version: 1.0
License: MIT/GPL


Twitter Statpack screenshot #1Two statistics are added below the ones that you are used to seeing. The first number, "28 following in common," refers the people who @weightshift and I both follow—in this case 28. The second number, "38 friends follow weightshift," means that 38 of the people I follow are also following @weightshift. The term "friends" is used for simplicity.

Twitter Statpack screenshot #2Clicking on either of the new statistics—"following in common" or "friends follow..."—will expand the page to reveal the profile images associated with that number. In this screenshot, you are seeing the profile images of "friends" who both @weightshift and I follow. Note: Statpack will show a maximum of 36 profile images. Clicking on an image will take you to that user's profile page.


Firefox (version 3.5+ recommended)
Mozilla Labs Jetpack


Please post all support requests or issues to GitHub. Additionally, if you'd like to join in on the development, contacting me via GitHub is recommended as well.