Scott Robbin

A web developer from Chicago, Illinois


Tiny URL services are everywhere. Though, a problem exists: how do you know what's on the other side of the redirect? Some sites have begun to create their own shortened url schemes–Flickr (, Techcrunch (, Threadless (–in order to promote branding and trusted sources. TinyFinder scans a web page to see if a rev=canonical link exists (a method for letting users know about a preferred, custom tiny url). If it exists, the link appears in the browser status bar– click on the widget and it will be copied to your clipboard. If the link doesn't exists, you can also click on the widget to have a tiny url created, courtesty of

TinyFinder for Jetpack, Screenshot

Note: You'll need to have Firefox 3.5 beta and Jetpack installed to use this widget. Installation bar will automatically appear at the top of this page.

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