Aug 14 2010

The slides from my presentation at SocialDevCamp Chicago. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and thoughtful questions. And, many thanks to the guy who bought into my Pee-wee Herman Secret Word bit, and yelled every time I said, “HTML5.” Feel free to get in touch if you have any follow-up questions.

May 4 2010

In the past couple of years, when we think of developing for the mobile web, we think of Mobile WebKit. And rightfully so. iPhone, Android, webOS and recently BlackBerry have all thrown their muscle behind the increasingly ubiquitous browser. But, what other kinds of mobile devices are people using to access the web? A lot. […]

Apr 30 2010

Before opening XCode or hiring a developer to build an iPhone/Android app, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself: Will my product require use of the camera, microphone or other device-specific hardware? Will it access the address book, media library or common user data? Will I charge for my product, using an […]