Aug 23 2010

Naz and have submitted a talk for SXSW 2011 Interactive called "Interaction Jones and the Template of Doom." In summary, we’re going to discuss design and development ideas by looking at Spielberg and Lucas films, both old and new. If you’re planning to attend the conference, we’d very much appreciate if you’d cast your vote […]

Aug 14 2010

The slides from my presentation at SocialDevCamp Chicago. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and thoughtful questions. And, many thanks to the guy who bought into my Pee-wee Herman Secret Word bit, and yelled every time I said, “HTML5.” Feel free to get in touch if you have any follow-up questions.

Jul 28 2010

A new version of jQuery Backstretch has been released. It contains a number of fixes and enhancements: Added ‘centeredX’ and ‘centeredY’ options. Removed ‘hideUntilReady’ option. It looks pretty bad if you don’t hide the image until it’s fully loaded. Fixed IE img onload bug. Now supports iPhone/iPad orientation changes. Many thanks to Peter Baker for […]

Jul 3 2010

Back in the spring of 2007, I was introduced to Twitter and soon thereafter their API. At the time, I had little programming experience with third-party APIs, but was immediately taken by the simplicity and robustness of what Alex was building, and tutored by the growing community of Twitter developers. For my first project, I […]

Jun 10 2010

Last year, I sent out a request for Scotch whisky recommendations, and the results were fantastic. I spent a large part of the Fall and Winter sampling your responses. Now that it’s getting warmer out, I wanted to switch to a Summer drink. So, I asked for your favorite tequilas. Here are the answers that […]

May 28 2010

A thought-provoking, entertaining presentation by author Dan Pink on what really motivates us in the workplace. In summary, it’s not money. I recommend setting 10 minutes aside to watch this video.

May 13 2010

When we were young and imagined the future, we thought we’d be traveling to and fro in our personal jetpacks and flying cars. We envisioned astounding advances in transportation. We dreamed that we’d go places. What we got instead was the Internet. Astounding advances in communication. Things come to us. Not a bad consolation prize.

May 4 2010

In the past couple of years, when we think of developing for the mobile web, we think of Mobile WebKit. And rightfully so. iPhone, Android, webOS and recently BlackBerry have all thrown their muscle behind the increasingly ubiquitous browser. But, what other kinds of mobile devices are people using to access the web? A lot. […]

Apr 21 2010

Many, many many thanks to Naz Hamid for providing me with a new design for the site. I’m very lucky to be able to call him both a colleague and friend. Want to see some more of Naz’s beautiful designs? Checkout the Weightshift portfolio.

Jan 27 2010

Aesthetics aside… It seems like the iPad’s keyboard, in landscape mode, leaves you no choice but to hold the device in one hand and hunt-n-peck with the other. What if the keyboard was split into two, and placed in the lower-right and left corners? Then, you could hold it with both hands, and type a […]