It’s Been a Long Lonely, Lonely Time

Yikes! Has it really been two and a half months since my last post? Even that, to call Weng, Weng a post is a stretch.

So what the hell have I been doing that’s so important to neglect this here blog?

I Quit My Job
Somewhere around May 1st, I left my cushy job as a real estate web developer and plunged head first into the abyss known as freelance work. The first couple of months were spent working out my home and coffee shops with my web pal, Sandy Weisz of Methodtree. Recently Sandy, myself, Andrew Huff of Gapers Block, and four of the most brilliants youngsters I know of (known to the world as Humanized) acquired an office space. Though we are all independent worker bees, we’ve quietly dubbed ourselves ASAJASA, deriving from the first letters of our names and our fondness for acronyms/palindromes. Want to know what it’s like to work with us? Check out the photos and video here.

Projects, projects, projects
In addition to filling my week with billable client work, I’ve attempted to carve out time for my personal, non-billable projects. These have included, but are not limited to: Tappity, Twitter Timer, Retweet, and Just Some, Inc. (my official company name).

Trying My Hand at Design
Lastly, and probably the most daunting of all these items is my attempt to become a better designer. Until now, I have always relied on the creative genius of my friends and colleagues (mostly Jeff Skinner), and have stuck with what I do best: programming. However, as I quickly learned with the start of my freelance work, most clients want the total package, soup-to-nuts, and so on and so forth — something which required me to come out of my design shell.

That said, I’m proud to announce the redesign of this site, With that announcement also comes a pledge that I shall never let this lapse in content transpire as long as it has in the past few months.

On a lighter, and non-salesy note, should you know of anyone who is in need of a website or complex web application, I’m open for business. Please feel free to contact me at scott [at] justsome dot com.

Until next time….

Posted on July 6, 2007 at 10:29 am.