Apr 30 2012

Last week, Naz and I launched Shifticons, a service which helps people create custom icon web fonts. In a nutshell, Shifticons makes it easy for you to add icons to your website, and is a dead simple tool for website designers. First, you mix and match icons from a wide (and growing) range of libraries. Then, […]

Shifticons screenshot

Apr 14 2009

I like how Twitter Search uses overlapping profile images to distinguish individual status updates from ones that are conversational. It’s a nice, little touch.

Jan 29 2009

When I first learned to use a computer, my teacher told me to save documents early and often. She warned me of the day when I would be typing an important paper and my computer would crash, causing me to lose all of my work. So, I habituated: every sentence or so, I'd press the keyboard shortcut to issue a Save command. But what happens when you try and do this in a browser-based application?

Jan 7 2009

As web developers, we spend precious time laying out our pages, using every UI concept in the book to conserve space, while trying to maintain a user's focus on the task at hand. There are many techniques to use — Lightbox, Carousel and Tabs to name a few — and today I hope to offer up another: jQuery pageSlide.

Dec 30 2008

Bad habits are hard to break, especially when they’re your own, but what about other people’s habits….impossible? Difficult, perhaps, but not insurmountable. By using Ubiquity’s preLoad_ authoring tool, you can override Javascript’s native functions, such as alert(), and replace them with useful interactions like Transparent Messages.