Jul 5 2012

A mesmerizing demo of an oscillating fan built with CSS transforms and keyframes. Also, this is my introduction to CodePen, a community of front-end developers sharing what they know.

Jun 15 2012

A clever and fun plugin that lets you draw a custom scroll path for your webpage.

Jun 7 2012

Just add a bit of JavaScript to your web page, then add “fixie” classes to elements that you’d like populated with Lorem Ipsum text. Looks like a real time-saver for prototyping.

May 22 2012

Create 3D book covers using CSS transforms, with pretty nice results.

May 21 2012

A nice, comprehensive gallery of data visualization tools.

Aug 16 2011

I have two computers: one at work and one at home. Dropbox has been a fantastic way for me to effortlessly share files between the two. I often setup aliases, and other bash configurations, in my .bash_profile to make life easier. Though, sometimes I’m not so careful; I’ll set something up on one computer, but […]

Sep 6 2010

If you’ve used Django 1.1 App Engine, or are trying to, then you’ve probably read the instructions on how replace Django 0.96 with 1.1. That all fine an dandy in a production environment, but what about local development? Perhaps you’ve seen the following error message? UnacceptableVersionError: django 1.1 was requested, but 1.2.1.final.0 is already in […]

Jun 11 2010

If you’re looking to enable WP caching, and website performance optimizations, in one fell swoop, check out W3 Total Cache. It’s a fantastic plugin that will help improve your WordPress site’s performance. On a related note, I wrote a memo on Weightshift that covers performance tips for client websites. It’s a primer into the type […]

Jun 5 2010

The slides from a presentation that I gave today, at WordCamp Chicago. Thank you to everyone who came, asked questions and laughed at my half-assed jokes. Also, many, many thanks to Naz for styling my presentation. I’m very lucky to stand on the shoulders of a design giant.

Apr 30 2010

Before opening XCode or hiring a developer to build an iPhone/Android app, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself: Will my product require use of the camera, microphone or other device-specific hardware? Will it access the address book, media library or common user data? Will I charge for my product, using an […]