Aug 14 2010

The slides from my presentation at SocialDevCamp Chicago. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and thoughtful questions. And, many thanks to the guy who bought into my Pee-wee Herman Secret Word bit, and yelled every time I said, “HTML5.” Feel free to get in touch if you have any follow-up questions.

Jun 5 2010

The slides from a presentation that I gave today, at WordCamp Chicago. Thank you to everyone who came, asked questions and laughed at my half-assed jokes. Also, many, many thanks to Naz for styling my presentation. I’m very lucky to stand on the shoulders of a design giant.

Jan 27 2010

Aesthetics aside… It seems like the iPad’s keyboard, in landscape mode, leaves you no choice but to hold the device in one hand and hunt-n-peck with the other. What if the keyboard was split into two, and placed in the lower-right and left corners? Then, you could hold it with both hands, and type a […]

Jan 13 2010

Google’s voicemail-to-text transcription service rarely gets it right. But, what it lacks in accuracy is made up for in laughs. For instance, a call from my parents which starts as “Hi, Scott, it’s Mom” is transcribed to “My god, it’s Mom!” Or, “Hi, Scotty, it’s your Dad,” becomes “Hi, scaredy.” I shudder to mention the […]

Jan 5 2010

Just took part in a survey for Netflix where I was asked about my interest in Watch Instantly on a Wii. Interesting that a disc might be required… Imagine that Netflix offers its subscribers the ability to instantly watch movies & TV episodes on their TV via their Nintendo Wii. You can choose from a […]

Oct 21 2009

I am no longer an AT&T customer. My iPhone is now useful. I consider myself lucky: I was let out of my contract after a several-month long dispute over AT&T’s quality of service (or lack thereof). Look above; that picture shows what I saw every day: zero to one bars of service within a 1-mile […]

Feb 23 2008

Seems like it was only yesterday that ad execs were pitching a flurry of educational videos which sought to capture the hearts and minds of America’s youth through hip-hop; one of my personal favorites being the Wendy’s training video, Grill Skills. Now, thanks to the good folks at the Chicagoist, I’m adding this video to […]

Jul 18 2007

Ever since I saw I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, I’ve always imagine myself struttin’ down the street with a funk band behind me, telling people, “They’re my theme music.” Thanks to the iPod (and now iPhone), I get to live that memory, or at the very least I can do my best Bee Gees impersonation. […]

Apr 15 2007

(Pictured above: Kristen Nicole of and a Llama) This past Thursday, I attended my first Tech Cocktail, a quarterly Chicago technology meetup, organized by Frank Gruber and Eric Olson. I have to say, as someone new to these type of events, it was great and incredibly worthwhile. What finer way to spend a Thursday […]

Mar 5 2007

Via Downlaod Squad: Mobile web making you want to tap-out? Tappity thinks they can help. This free online service lets users check out mobile web pages that are stored in your unique personal mobile Tappity pages. Mobile homepages can be set so that users can search from whatever engine they frequently use, whether it’s Google […]