Jul 5 2012

A mesmerizing demo of an oscillating fan built with CSS transforms and keyframes. Also, this is my introduction to CodePen, a community of front-end developers sharing what they know.

Apr 30 2012

Last week, Naz and I launched Shifticons, a service which helps people create custom icon web fonts. In a nutshell, Shifticons makes it easy for you to add icons to your website, and is a dead simple tool for website designers. First, you mix and match icons from a wide (and growing) range of libraries. Then, […]

Shifticons screenshot

Aug 16 2011

I have two computers: one at work and one at home. Dropbox has been a fantastic way for me to effortlessly share files between the two. I often setup aliases, and other bash configurations, in my .bash_profile to make life easier. Though, sometimes I’m not so careful; I’ll set something up on one computer, but […]

Sep 6 2010

If you’ve used Django 1.1 App Engine, or are trying to, then you’ve probably read the instructions on how replace Django 0.96 with 1.1. That all fine an dandy in a production environment, but what about local development? Perhaps you’ve seen the following error message? UnacceptableVersionError: django 1.1 was requested, but 1.2.1.final.0 is already in […]

Jul 3 2010

Back in the spring of 2007, I was introduced to Twitter and soon thereafter their API. At the time, I had little programming experience with third-party APIs, but was immediately taken by the simplicity and robustness of what Alex was building, and tutored by the growing community of Twitter developers. For my first project, I […]

May 4 2010

In the past couple of years, when we think of developing for the mobile web, we think of Mobile WebKit. And rightfully so. iPhone, Android, webOS and recently BlackBerry have all thrown their muscle behind the increasingly ubiquitous browser. But, what other kinds of mobile devices are people using to access the web? A lot. […]

Apr 30 2010

Before opening XCode or hiring a developer to build an iPhone/Android app, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself: Will my product require use of the camera, microphone or other device-specific hardware? Will it access the address book, media library or common user data? Will I charge for my product, using an […]

Jun 19 2009

A huge thank you to Derek Perez, who has taken over development of the jQuery PageSlide plug-in. He’s done a major overhaul and brought it up to version 1.1 with the following new features: Choose slide direction (left or right) Custom width slides Modal slides unobtrusive Mutiple slide definitions on the same page Fully supported […]

Jun 2 2009

Very cool. GitHub now offering private installs of their software within a company’s own network. If I had a business that was large enough to warrant this type of setup, I’d be all over it. But, alas, my new projects are weenie small, so I’ll stick to the regular ol’ GitHub product in the foreseeable […]

Jun 1 2009

This weekend, I started to play around with Jetpack from Mozilla Labs. If you haven’t already heard of Jetpack, it’s a Labs experiment that looks at making the creation of web browser extensions easier. As someone who’s previously tried to make a Firefox extension, I can say wholeheartedly that this was a much, much, much […]