Jul 30 2012

For the past few years, I’ve been getting to know liquors by setting aside an entire season to explore them. First there was the winter of whiskey, followed by the summer of tequila. This year, it’s been gin. And, while I’ve been enjoying the standard gin and tonic, I’ve taken the opportunity to have some fun […]

Jun 15 2012

A clever and fun plugin that lets you draw a custom scroll path for your webpage.

May 22 2012

Create 3D book covers using CSS transforms, with pretty nice results.

May 21 2012

This site has been redesigned. You’ll notice that projects take center stage to posts. And, a new “Tips & Tricks” section has been added so that I can share items of interest. I hope to post a long form blog post or two.

Dec 28 2010

Last week, at a visit to the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, I was turned onto the music Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a gospel singer from the 1930-40s, and a damn fine guitar player. Blew my mind. Note: She really starts cookin’ around 1:20. Enjoy.

Oct 15 2010

Without a doubt, the most courageous speech I’ve ever heard.

Jun 10 2010

Last year, I sent out a request for Scotch whisky recommendations, and the results were fantastic. I spent a large part of the Fall and Winter sampling your responses. Now that it’s getting warmer out, I wanted to switch to a Summer drink. So, I asked for your favorite tequilas. Here are the answers that […]

May 13 2010

When we were young and imagined the future, we thought we’d be traveling to and fro in our personal jetpacks and flying cars. We envisioned astounding advances in transportation. We dreamed that we’d go places. What we got instead was the Internet. Astounding advances in communication. Things come to us. Not a bad consolation prize.

Nov 17 2009

Sasparilla Muckinfuss is now following your tweets on Twitter. Huh? Who’s that? It’s not an uncommon scenario: someone follows you on Twitter, and you’re not sure how that happened. Of course, there’s a good possibility that they’re spam, but not always. Often it’s hard to tell. You can see that they follow 101 people and […]

Sep 29 2009

I was looking to buy a new bottle of Scotch whisky and posed the question, “What’s your favorite?” Here are the answers that everyone submitted. Hope you find a new, enjoyable drink. And thanks for your help. Distillery Region Type Age (yr.) * Honorable mention for 12-year, Redbreast Irish whiskey, which does not get to […]