Jun 15 2012

A clever and fun plugin that lets you draw a custom scroll path for your webpage.

Jul 28 2010

A new version of jQuery Backstretch has been released. It contains a number of fixes and enhancements: Added ‘centeredX’ and ‘centeredY’ options. Removed ‘hideUntilReady’ option. It looks pretty bad if you don’t hide the image until it’s fully loaded. Fixed IE img onload bug. Now supports iPhone/iPad orientation changes. Many thanks to Peter Baker for […]

Jan 20 2010

“There are many like it, but this one is mine.” A recent Weightshift project, Central, brought about a few development challenges, one of which was background imagery. Naz had designed the page to include photography set behind the content. This raised questions: How would we deal with the additional weight of the images (~150–250K) without […]

Jun 19 2009

A huge thank you to Derek Perez, who has taken over development of the jQuery PageSlide plug-in. He’s done a major overhaul and brought it up to version 1.1 with the following new features: Choose slide direction (left or right) Custom width slides Modal slides unobtrusive Mutiple slide definitions on the same page Fully supported […]

Jan 7 2009

As web developers, we spend precious time laying out our pages, using every UI concept in the book to conserve space, while trying to maintain a user's focus on the task at hand. There are many techniques to use — Lightbox, Carousel and Tabs to name a few — and today I hope to offer up another: jQuery pageSlide.