May 4 2010

In the past couple of years, when we think of developing for the mobile web, we think of Mobile WebKit. And rightfully so. iPhone, Android, webOS and recently BlackBerry have all thrown their muscle behind the increasingly ubiquitous browser. But, what other kinds of mobile devices are people using to access the web? A lot. […]

Apr 30 2010

Before opening XCode or hiring a developer to build an iPhone/Android app, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself: Will my product require use of the camera, microphone or other device-specific hardware? Will it access the address book, media library or common user data? Will I charge for my product, using an […]

Jan 27 2010

Aesthetics aside… It seems like the iPad’s keyboard, in landscape mode, leaves you no choice but to hold the device in one hand and hunt-n-peck with the other. What if the keyboard was split into two, and placed in the lower-right and left corners? Then, you could hold it with both hands, and type a […]

Oct 21 2009

I am no longer an AT&T customer. My iPhone is now useful. I consider myself lucky: I was let out of my contract after a several-month long dispute over AT&T’s quality of service (or lack thereof). Look above; that picture shows what I saw every day: zero to one bars of service within a 1-mile […]