Sep 25 2012

Some links to resources discussed in my presentation for Refresh Chicago, a community of designers and developers working to refresh the creative, technical, and professional culture of New Media endeavors in their areas.

Jul 23 2012

If you’ve been to Chicago, you know that the city has some great museums. And, if you live here, you know that, from time to time, these museums offer free admission. Here’s an iCal-friendly version of that schedule.

Aug 14 2010

The slides from my presentation at SocialDevCamp Chicago. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and thoughtful questions. And, many thanks to the guy who bought into my Pee-wee Herman Secret Word bit, and yelled every time I said, “HTML5.” Feel free to get in touch if you have any follow-up questions.

Jun 5 2010

The slides from a presentation that I gave today, at WordCamp Chicago. Thank you to everyone who came, asked questions and laughed at my half-assed jokes. Also, many, many thanks to Naz for styling my presentation. I’m very lucky to stand on the shoulders of a design giant.

Oct 21 2009

I am no longer an AT&T customer. My iPhone is now useful. I consider myself lucky: I was let out of my contract after a several-month long dispute over AT&T’s quality of service (or lack thereof). Look above; that picture shows what I saw every day: zero to one bars of service within a 1-mile […]

Apr 15 2007

(Pictured above: Kristen Nicole of and a Llama) This past Thursday, I attended my first Tech Cocktail, a quarterly Chicago technology meetup, organized by Frank Gruber and Eric Olson. I have to say, as someone new to these type of events, it was great and incredibly worthwhile. What finer way to spend a Thursday […]