a jQuery plugin which slides a webpage over to reveal an additional interaction pane
by Scott Robbin

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If you've ever used the mobile version of Facebook, or Path,
then you've probably seen something akin to PageSlide in action.

Clicking on a button or link slides the page over to reveal a hidden pane,
one that usually contains secondary navigation, a form, or additional information.

jQuery PageSlide Screenshot


There are several ways to use PageSlide, some of which are shown below.
Additionally, there is a responsive demo which shows how PageSlide can be used as a mobile solution.

Slide to the right, and load content from a secondary page

Slide to the left, and display hidden content from this page in a modal pane

Open the page programatically

Where can I get it?

If you are interested in learning more about PageSlide, it's recommended that you view the project on GitHub.
There, you will find the source code, and additional options that the script accepts.

Download PageSlide Now

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