Apr 6 2007

When Stevie Wonder comes to mind, most envision the virtuoso hammering away behind his organ, spewing forth a cacophony of passionate vocal phrases and funky keyboard riffs. Many too will reminisce on his mastery of the harmonica, however it’s often forgot just how masterful Stevie is as a multi-instrumentalist, most notably his drumming. Have a […]

Mar 5 2007

Via Downlaod Squad: Mobile web making you want to tap-out? Tappity thinks they can help. This free online service lets users check out mobile web pages that are stored in your unique personal mobile Tappity pages. Mobile homepages can be set so that users can search from whatever engine they frequently use, whether it’s Google […]

Feb 24 2007

(Via Webware) Staff writer, Rafe Needleman, looks at the state of mobile portals, including Google, Yahoo, Netvibes and Tappity. I’m surprised that more Web sites aren’t mobile friendly. By now, all content management systems and blogging platforms should be creating lightweight versions of their hosted sites automatically for users that come in via a mobile […]

Feb 20 2007

For those that weren’t involved in the private beta, you can now sign up for a free account. Tappity is a user driven site where you submit, rate, and discover mobile-friendly web pages for viewing on phones and PDAs. In addition, you can save favorite items to a mobile homepage that’s personalized just for you. […]

Jan 10 2007

Inspired by the acts of Juan Mann, good friends, Nicholas Markos and Amber Gribben, took the afternoon to spread Free Hugs to Chicago. “It was the most amazing experience ever. Young, old, rich, poor, black, white….none of it matters when you’re giving Free Hugs!” The video is set to Nicholas’ song, “Gimme All You Got,” […]

Jan 10 2007

In the 1960s, Dr. Peter Witt gave spiders various kinds of drugs and alcohol to observe the effects on their webs: LSD, Caffeine, THC and Crack Cocaine. A parody of the Canadian series, “Hinterland’s Who’s Who”.

Nov 21 2006

New Zealand has got to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. On a recent trip there, I made a few videos of car drives and other motion-filled adventures. Here are a couple of them, sped up 10x the normal playback rate, so that hours of sightseeing can be enjoyed in a […]

Oct 26 2006

During the early part of last century, George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison had a tense rivalry, traveling the country promoting the benefits and dangers of AC vs. DC power. As part of the scare tactics against Alternating Current, Edison’s employees used to electrocute animals, including this elephant. See the Wikipedia entry on War of the […]

Oct 23 2006

Last week, I had written a post, introducing a way for mobile users to watch Google Video on their phones. Well, for those readers who are visual learners, and who’d rather not traverse the article’s geek speak, I’ve created a video demonstrating how the application works and have posted it online (to YouTube….go figure). Enjoy. […]

Oct 19 2006

UPDATE (Oct. 23, 2006): The application has been modified to allow for the downloading of both AVI and MP4 files, so that phones capable of MP4 playback can take advantage of the smaller file size. How many times have you been sitting on the train, with nothing to do, and you thought to yourself, "Boy, […]