Dec 30 2008

Bad habits are hard to break, especially when they’re your own, but what about other people’s habits….impossible? Difficult, perhaps, but not insurmountable. By using Ubiquity’s preLoad_ authoring tool, you can override Javascript’s native functions, such as alert(), and replace them with useful interactions like Transparent Messages.

Oct 8 2008

It’s no secret to those that are close to me: when it’s drinkin’ time, our drink of choice is often Sparks. For those not it the know, Sparks is a malt liquor energy drink favored by those who are not sophisticated enough to drink Red Bull and vodka, but need that extra little kick to […]

May 21 2008

Every now and then an industry sees a period of tremendous innovation. I believe we may be at the tail end of a growth spurt in the realm of soda pops, but in the zany world of hand dryers the revolution is just beginning. Until recently, I was a big fan of the Xlerator. That […]

Apr 8 2008

Not nearly as catchy as cookie, but that’s what you get when you Google for the letter “C”: the C programming language. A list from A to Z on the top results when you Google the letters of the alphabet (as of Tuesday, April 8th, 2008): A – Links in HTML documents (the A tag) […]

Apr 3 2008

Earlier in the week, Jacob turned me on to an interesting article about readable URLs. It’s been sitting in the back of my mind ever since. Today, I was poking around Muxtape, to see how they do what they do. I ran across something interesting in their Amazon S3 URLs, where they house the MP3s: […]

Feb 23 2008

Seems like it was only yesterday that ad execs were pitching a flurry of educational videos which sought to capture the hearts and minds of America’s youth through hip-hop; one of my personal favorites being the Wendy’s training video, Grill Skills. Now, thanks to the good folks at the Chicagoist, I’m adding this video to […]

Jul 23 2007

Gather ’round kids, Grandpa’s gonna tell you a story. Long before the Internet, we used to have to settle arguments the ol’ fashioned way: out-bullshit your opponent. There was no final word. You either gathered enough people to support your argument, or raised your voice until your friend submitted and cried. Either way, the lines […]

Jul 18 2007

Ever since I saw I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, I’ve always imagine myself struttin’ down the street with a funk band behind me, telling people, “They’re my theme music.” Thanks to the iPod (and now iPhone), I get to live that memory, or at the very least I can do my best Bee Gees impersonation. […]

Jul 6 2007

Yikes! Has it really been two and a half months since my last post? Even that, to call Weng, Weng a post is a stretch. So what the hell have I been doing that’s so important to neglect this here blog? I Quit My Job Somewhere around May 1st, I left my cushy job as […]

Apr 15 2007

(Pictured above: Kristen Nicole of and a Llama) This past Thursday, I attended my first Tech Cocktail, a quarterly Chicago technology meetup, organized by Frank Gruber and Eric Olson. I have to say, as someone new to these type of events, it was great and incredibly worthwhile. What finer way to spend a Thursday […]